Australian Grown Goji Plants

Our Lycium tube stock has either been struck from seed grown from our own plants which are at least second or third generation Australian or taken as cuttings from these plants.
In either case, the tube stock is at least four to six months old.

The plants will need to stay in their pots for a week or so to get used to their new environment but will then be ready to transplant either into the garden or a large pot if you prefer. Plants are wrapped in heat protective foil bubble wrap and are packed into a box.

Because of their deciduous nature, the plants that you receive will be smaller in Winter.

While there are many species of Lycium, there are two basic varieties that are maintained as producers of the berry.

We have been selling both varieties across Australia since 2005 and have received amazing reports of success from every corner of the country.

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Shrub Variety

imageLycium barbarum
This variety grows as a shrub and can get to 2.5m high and across.

Vine Variety

imageLycium chinense
This variety of Goji has more of a vine habit than a bush.